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Business Investment in China: Where Is the Money?

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William Lin and Qingqing Miao co-authored an article in Seattle Business magazine’s June 2016 issue titled “Business Investment in China: Where Is the Money?” In the article, Lin and Miao discussed the rules and regulations Chinese investors and companies face when they have interest in making investments in the U.S., which has become increasingly difficult as China tries to slow the outflow of foreign currency.

Thanks to its strategic location, vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, business environment and the wildly popular movie “Beijing Meets Seattle,” the Puget Sound area has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for Chinese investment.

Individual Chinese buyers are contributing to the booming housing market in our region. Several major Chinese corporations, including Alibaba and Huawei, have chosen the Puget Sound area to start or expand their United States operations. An increasing number of Chinese companies are actively exploring investment opportunities in industries such as medical research, information technology, real estate development, hospitality and clean technology.