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Lane Powell Helps Beaverton School District Save $1.1 Million on Attorneys’ Fees Claim

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Lane Powell Shareholder Bob Maloney recently testified as an expert witness on behalf of the Beaverton School District in opposing an attorneys’ fees claim by Crescent Grove Cemetery Association’s counsel, James Zupancic, following a jury award of over $6 million in a condemnation case. Zupancic sought approximately $1.8 million in attorneys’ fees. David Markowitz, the property owner’s expert, testified during the hearing. Last week, the court accepted Maloney’s testimony before the Honorable Suzanne Upton and reduced the claim to $691,000 for attorneys’ fees. Lane Powell Shareholder Chip Hudson provided assistance.

The court had the following comments regarding Maloney’s testimony:

As to Mr. Robert Maloney. The length and breadth of his experience in the area of condemnation cases is compelling. And his analysis of this case and evaluation of the fee request is unimpeachable. The court found him utterly credible in all the specific areas necessary to determine the fee issues in condemnation cases and this one in particular. The court fully adopts his reasoning and conclusion.