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Innovation with Clean Diesel Construction

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Lane Powell Shareholder Jill Long authored an article in the June issue of Oregon Business magazine titled “Innovation with Clean Diesel Construction.” In the article, Long discussed a major real estate project in which Con-way Inc. is transforming 18 acres of mostly undeveloped surface parking lots in Northwest Portland into a mixed-use district with retail, office and housing. After receiving approval from the city of Portland for the comprehensive master plan, Con-way began meeting regularly with the developer and the Northwest District Association (NWDA) to discuss a good neighbor agreement. The NWDA wanted to ensure that the project was completed using clean diesel construction, using the most advanced technology. Although the landowner and developer liked the concept, they were concerned about the costs and availability of the technology. The parties then agreed to have a representative from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality help provide creative solutions and a platform for compromise. To help with the issue of uncertain costs, the parties sought out grants that will provide funds to retrofit construction equipment with clean diesel technology. Thanks to the parties’ close collaboration and comprehensive master plan, they were able to find solutions to address concerns over clean diesel construction, and the agreement was approved by the NWDA.

The process was filled with occasional bumps in the road, but one main factor that kept everyone talking, even during times of tension, was the high level of trust built among the parties during the entitlement process for the Master Plan.

Read the article (PDF).