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Academy Says Oscar Sold on eBay Either Infringing or Stolen

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A November 20 Law360 article titled “Academy Says Oscar Sold on eBay Either Infringing or Stolen” named Lane Powell and Lane Powell Shareholder Tiffany Scott Connors as The Academy’s counsel. The article discussed The Academy’s suit against James Dunne and Edgard Francisco who were allegedly involved in the sale of an Oscar statuette that is either stolen or counterfeit, which infringes on The Academy’s Oscar copyright.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Monday filed suit in Washington federal court over the sale on eBay of an Oscar award believed to be either a counterfeit that infringed the film organization’s copyright or a stolen, authentic piece, suing the statuette’s seller and buyer.

In its suit against James Dunne and Edgard G. Francisco, the Academy assailed Dunne’s purported sale to Francisco of the statuette in question, supposedly an award given out at the Academy’s 1979 ceremony, described in the complaint as “either a genuine statuette lost to theft or a very convincing counterfeit.”

Read the article (PDF).