The Firm

The Firm


Lane Powell is dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs worldwide. In support of this commitment, the Firm is a member of the World Law Group and the U.S. Law Firm Group. Through utilizing these resources, our attorneys are able to collaborate with legal minds across the world in order to resolve national and multinational legal challenges.

U.S. Law Firm Group®

The U.S. Law Firm Group is a national network of 18 established U.S. law firms. Each independent firm is headquartered in a major city in one of the country’s leading commercial states, and most have additional offices outside their home jurisdictions.

Variations in the laws and court systems of America’s 50 states make knowledge of local and regional policies and practices essential. Every firm in this network has many years of experience in its own region and is able to refer clients to other member firms to satisfy the clients’ specific requirements throughout the country.

World Law Group

The World Law Group is a network of 51 leading independent law firms with more than 315 offices in major commercial centers worldwide. As a member of the World Law Group, our attorneys can access the local knowledge and legal expertise of more than 16,000 attorneys globally via a single call to any World Law Group member firm.

Through this membership, Lane Powell has access to updates and briefings on a wide variety of business law topics provided by member firms from various jurisdictions around the world. In addition, our attorneys are able to share information and confer with member firms on international trends and local developments in their fields via one of the World Law Group’s global practice groups.