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French Interviewed in Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce’s ‘BrieflyLegalPDX’ Newsletter on First Trial Memories

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Lane Powell Shareholder Pilar French was interviewed for the Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce “BrieflyLegalPDX”  newsletter’s column “You always remember your first…,” on June 23, an on-going column that highlights attorneys’ memories of their first trial. French details her experience as a third-year law student defending a man accused of stealing a necklace from a festival booth. The opposing attorney’s over-confidence in facing a student was his downfall, and French won her case by arguing reasonable doubt. French told the reader what she learned:

“I learned that you should never, ever presuppose that you’re going to be smarter than the other lawyer just because you’re older or have more experience,” she says. “More experienced lawyers may have a lot of tricks in their bag, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to win the case because a younger attorney may be more diligent or better prepared.

“You should never size up your opponent based on what their bar number is.”

Read the full article (PDF).