Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Beighle, Randall P.Beneski, KristinBrown, Jane E.DeMasi, LaurenEggum, Susan K.Engbloom, Julie M.Howenstine, David W.Kimmelfield, NeilJohnston, HollyLin, William W.Long, Jill R.Mautner, Gail E.Mehrbani, Parna A.OQuinn, Dustin J.Puri, Rishi.Reddy, Vamshi.Sanchez, Gabriela.Sondag, Thomas W.Stoetzer, James B.Tran-Caffee, CozetteWeiner, William E.Winters, Steven B.Yu, Jessica N.

Committee Members

At Lane Powell, we know diversity matters. We strive to reflect our commitment to diversity in our hiring and promotion of individuals with diverse characteristics — be they ethnic, racial, gender, cultural, social, economic, physical, sexual orientation, gender identity or otherwise. We cultivate diversity of ideas and perspectives because diversity benefits both our clients and ourselves.

Our commitment to opportunity and inclusion extends to all levels of Firm management. Diverse attorneys help shape the life of the Firm by serving on Lane Powell’s Board of Directors, as well as our recruiting, compensation and advancement committees.

We partner with our clients to have well versed diversity professionals share their experiences with our attorneys and staff.  We also support specialty bar associations and encourage attendance at national networking events.

2015_Top_Performer_SealLane Powell is proud to be a member of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD), a high-profile national organization.  LCLD’s membership is comprised of managing partners of major law firms and general counsel of public and private companies that are working to diversify the U.S. legal profession for now and future generations.  The Firm has been recognized by LCLD as a “Top Performer,” identifying us as being one of its most active members who supports LCLD’s mission in many ways. Our participation in LCLD’s initiatives includes underwriting the participation of our first-year summer associates in LCLD’s Scholars Program, which provides mentoring and networking opportunities and events for law students.  We also sponsor one attorney per year for LCLD’s Fellows Program, a year-long leadership training program with the goal of producing a diverse generation of up-and-coming attorneys with strong leadership and relationship skills who are committed to fostering diversity within their individual institutions and the profession at large.  In addition, our attorneys participate in LCLD’s Success Mentoring Program, providing mentoring to first-year law students from diverse backgrounds to maximize their potential both during law school and afterwards, as they prepare for the bar exam and launch their careers.  Through the Firm’s active involvement, Lane Powell helps support LCLD’s mission to increase diversity in the legal profession, to eliminate impediments and provide minorities and women with a full and fair opportunity to perform, to succeed and to lead.

Lane Powell’s Diversity Committee pursues an unending process of designing and implementing strategies that promote an inclusive work environment and encourage the development and success of all employees. The Diversity Committee’s mission is to:

  • Foster an inclusive workplace where attorneys from diverse backgrounds do not feel they must “check their identities at the door;”
  • Help the Firm to develop and implement strategies, including mentoring and training, to recruit, retain, and advance attorneys from diverse backgrounds and with diverse characteristics;
  • Collect and share information about the ever-increasing diversity within our community, both inside and outside the Firm; and
  • Ensure that the Firm participates in local and national organizations, events and conferences that promote diversity and inclusion throughout the legal profession.