October 31, 2016Publication

Data Centers

Portland Business Journal

Darin Sands was featured in the October 21 issue of Portland Business Journal (PBJ) in a Thought Leader Forum titled “Data Centers.” Data is everywhere today and continuing to grow, driving business innovation but also stoking concerns about security and privacy. The article discusses the terrain and trends in data centers and their services.

Q. PBJ: Darin, what are some of the other legal issues businesses that deal with data should be aware of?

A. Sands: Having that breach response plan in place is really critical. And this is a tip, it’s self-serving, but I can tell you that companies that have been through breach response episodes will tell you having an outside attorney is a really critical piece. If you have a breach situation and that breach response is underneath a lawyer’s supervision, that allows for critical aspects of that breach response to be shielded with the attorney-client privilege.

Q. PBJ: And what about legal risks to boards?

A. Sands: Boards have for the most part come out of these major breaches unscathed, as far as the liability of the board itself. That’s changing, so a board needs to find a way to continually educate itself on the company’s specific risk profile when it comes to data security.