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Devlin Quoted in Seattle P-I Article About BOA Class Action

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Lane Powell Shareholder John Devlin was quoted in an article on the Seattle P-I website about Lane Powell’s defense of Bank of America (“BOA”) against a class action lawsuit in federal court in Seattle. In defending the suit, brought by Steve Berman of Hagens & Berman, BOA disputes that the bank had mistreated the group of homeowners filing the suit, arguing that the bank’s foreclosure actions were entirely lawful. The bank has asked the court to dismiss the case.

Writing the court, Bank of America attorney John S. Devlin argued that Kahlos have no legal ground on which to request relief. Moreover, he claimed Bank of America already agreed to modify the Kahlos loan.

“There are no allegations that the loan terms were unfair, or that the Kahlos did not understand the terms of the loan, or that there was anything wrong with the loan itself,” wrote Devlin, an attorney with Lane Powell.

“Although under no legal obligation to do so, (Bank of America) has cut plaintiffs’ monthly loan payments nearly in half,” the attorney continued. “And, thanks to (the bank’s) assistance, plaintiffs are still living in their home, have not been foreclosed upon, and have no reason to fear foreclosure.”

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