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Lane Powell Helps Household on National Rebuilding Day

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On April 24, National Rebuilding Day, Lane Powell employees donated money, materials, food and labor to help rebuild a home outside of Tacoma, Wash. Volunteers:

  • Installed siding
  • Built/replaced missing fence
  • Built ramp
  • Removed/replaced fiberglass cover over patio
  • Did major landscaping
  • Donated and hauled 20 yards of garden dirt
  • Donated and hauled gravel
  • Built raised garden bed and gravel paths
  • Cleaned and painted three rooms
  • Installed pantry shelving
  • Installed stove hood/fan
  • Installed smoke detectors
  • Renovated the bathroom
  • Created/installed a headboard
  • Donated and installed curtains/rods for three rooms
  • Did general organization/cleaning
  • Cleaned/organized garden shed

It was part of a nationwide effort organized by Rebuilding Together, the nation’s leading nonprofit working to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize communities. The day is dedicated to rehabilitating and improving the homes of low-income Americans at no cost. Recipients of services include the elderly, disabled, military veterans and families in need.