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French Profiled in Oregon State Bar Bulletin Article ‘Lyrics and Law’

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As a legion of American youth spent the 1980s playing air guitar and singing into a hairbrush (this author among them), Pilar French was living our dream.  French picked up an electric guitar when she was 10 and has been rocking ever since.

“I always liked rock music and my teachers always wanted me to play classical,” she says with a laugh.  “It was quite an anomaly for a girl when I was growing up, but it takes less strength to play an electric than an acoustic guitar.  So really, it’s an ideal instrument for a child to learn.  Hence electric guitar is my first love, although I like being able to change up the sound and style of my songs by using acoustic guitars or mandolins.”

French, a shareholder and litigator at Portland’s Lane Powell, sometimes performs as the Pilar French Intention and other times as French/Slamp, depending on whether she’s sharing the bill with songwriter/bandmate Joshua Slamp.  She says she generally plays electric guitar and bass in a full band setting, and acoustic guitar and mandolin for her solo shows.

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This article first appeared in the Oregon State Bar Bulletin.