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Lane Powell Website Wins Gold Award

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Lane Powell was recently named a Gold award winner in the bi-annual Internet Marketing Attorney (IMA) website reviews and awards.

Sites were awarded up to ten points for each measure (based on five criteria: design, content, usability, interactivity and intangible), for a maximum total score of 50. The high score was 45. Thirty firms rated a 38 or better to receive platinum, gold or silver honors in the U.S. large firm category. Lane Powell received a total score of 40 points (eight points for each criteria category).

The IMA issued comments on each of the 250 largest U.S. law firm websites and performed additional reviews in the small/midsize firm category. According to the IMA’s website, “Don’t even think about opening up a law firm in the Pacific Northwest without a big time web site, because you’ll be a laughing stock. And firms like Lane Powell continue to operate online at such as high level that a site that might look awesome in Chicago or New York would look like a poor man’s version out here. This site is still outstanding from top to bottom. Yet another one for people to ‘take a lesson.’”

The IMAs continue to be the world’s most comprehensive review of law firm web sites, with no associated fees, sponsorship or advertising of any kind permitted.