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Amster and Nesteroff to Co-Chair “Environmental Initiatives for 2009 and Beyond” (Seattle)

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Lane Powell Shareholders Glenn Amster and Mike Nesteroff will co-chair “Environmental Initiatives for 2009 and Beyond: A Look at Recent and Emerging Environmental Regulations and Their Impact” on Sept. 11, 2009, in Seattle. The event is presented by The Seminar Group.

Environmental legislation and regulation are at the forefront of federal, state and local government agendas even amidst a challenging global and regional economy. Regulating greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy efficiency and expanding renewable energy resources, as well as changing growth management and stormwater rules, are likely to have wide-ranging impacts on businesses.

In this seminar, leading attorneys, consultants and government representatives will provide their diverse and in-depth perspective on how the regulations have been developed and where legislators and regulators are likely to take environmental policy over the next several years. This insight will be useful for attorneys, consultants, government managers and other professionals with an interest in environmental, real estate, land use, energy and natural resources policy.