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Seminar Recap: “Social Media – New Horizons Ahead: Expect the Unexpected”

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Lane Powell hosted a seminar in Seattle and Portland on July 7 and 8 titled, “Social Media – New Horizons Ahead: Expect the Unexpected.” The panelists below spoke candidly about their personal experiences using social media and about the importance of anticipating the changes, issues and opportunities of these new forms of communication while managing risk.

  • Kevin O’Keefe, CEO of LexBlog, provided an overview of social media and ways it can be used to help build relationships, while also connecting with potential clients and mingling with influencers.
  • Craig Bachman, Co-Chair of Lane Powell’s Intellectual Property Group, discussed technology and intellectual property issues, such as cyber squatting, copyright and trademarks. He advised creating a personnel policy or guidelines and suggested never saying anything on a social networking site that one would not say in church.
  • Mike Nesteroff, Chair of Lane Powell’s Sustainability and Climate Change Team, spoke of public company issues (i.e., Securities Act – Section 10(b): antifraud provisions apply to blogs and electronic shareholder forums) and First Amendment issues, such as defamation. He suggests keeping Twitter messages “terse, tight and telegraphic,” principles he adhered to in his days as a former KOMO-TV journalist.
  • Mike Reilly, Director of Lane Powell’s Labor and Employment and Employee Benefits Practice Group, discussed employment issues that follow social networking and practical guidance to help minimize risk. With so much free information on the Internet, he emphasized that employers should use the Web when possible and offered best practice tips to conduct searches wisely.

Because of the timely nature of the topic, the interest in the room was highly evident as many in attendance updated their Twitter pages with comments about the seminars as they were happening. In addition to the valuable real-time feedback, others like Braiden Rex-Johnson, food writer and author of the Northwest Wining and Dining blog, were inspired to write about what they learned from the seminar, which she noted as “an eye-opening and, in some ways, life-changing two hours for many in the room.”