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The Firm

Commitment to Sustainability

Lane Powell believes that protecting the environment is crucial to our employees, our clients, our communities and our economy. We strive to lead the way as a sustainable law firm. We recognize that all human activity, including the operation of a law office, has an impact on the environment and the natural world. We make daily efforts to reduce that impact.

Our Sustainability Team regularly reviews and enhances our sustainability initiatives, including:

  • Community involvement and leadership. Our Firm includes LEED®-accredited attorneys. We routinely speak at conferences around the nation, such as the POWER-GEN Renewables conference, and we are regular contributors to Energy and the Sustainable Industries Journal. We are actively involved with the Law Sustainability Task Force, Northwest Environmental Business Council, Northwest Earth Institute, Lawyers for a Sustainable Future, and the City of Seattle Office of Sustainability and the Environment.
  • Commuting and travel. Lane Powell provides incentives to encourage the use of mass transit, carpooling, bikes, etc. We offer partially subsidized, pre-tax public transportation passes, and we provide bike racks and shower facilities in our Seattle and Portland offices. The Firm assists with carpooling arrangements for employees who would like to share rides. We work to reduce business travel through technology such as teleconferencing. In addition, the Firm has added a Toyota Prius to the company fleet.
  • Earth-friendly tenant improvements. When tenant improvements are made, the Firm seeks to use materials that are the least hazardous and most natural, giving preference to those that are high in recycled content, recyclable or biodegradable, certified sustainable and durable. When choosing such materials, we use the criteria set forth in the LEED® guides for tenant improvements.
  • Educating our employees. Education of the lawyers and staff on sustainability matters is required. The Firm hosts presentations by a number of organizations, including the Northwest Earth Institute, Lawyers for a Sustainable Future, and the City of Seattle Office of Sustainability and the Environment. In addition, we attend presentations from clients who have successfully implemented sustainability policies.
  • Purchasing “green.” Sustainability is considered in the purchase of supplies, equipment and services, with preference given to recyclability, biodegradability, recycled content, waste minimization, hazardous-chemical free, energy conservation, resource conservation, locally manufactured and organic. Our Sustainability Team identifies vendors that employ sustainable business practices. For example, we purchase organic, shade-grown, fair-trade coffee.
  • Reducing energy and water use. We encourage energy conservation and efficiency in heating/cooling, lighting and equipment. Motion-sensor lights are installed in key areas of our offices, and our water faucets are also motion-sensored. It is our Firm’s policy to turn off computers and monitors each night, and we purchase Energy Star electronics.
  • Waste reduction and recycling. We minimize the use of paper in data storage, printing and copying, internal and external communications, and mailing. We minimize disposables and packaging, reuse equipment and supplies when feasible, and maximize recycling. Whenever appropriate, we print and copy on double-sided paper and use recycled paper. Many of our intra-office documents have been converted to electronic-only versions. The Firm reuses waste can liners when possible. We provide real dishes, flatware and dishwashers to reduce the use of disposable dishes and flatware.

In addition to our in-house efforts, Lane Powell’s Sustainability and Climate Change Industry Team provides legal services to other sustainability-minded businesses. The Sustainability and Climate Change Industry Team attorneys have the knowledge, experience and perspective to help environmentally responsible businesses succeed.

We are proud to represent clients that are leading the way in being “green,” including several renewable power companies, an eco-minded major catalog company, and an environmentally responsible paint company.