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Business Continuity

A Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan to Ensure Continuity

In order to ensure that our service and your critical information is protected and available in case of a disaster, Lane Powell utilizes the best practices associated with top financial and technology companies to provide business continuity.

The Firm’s disaster-recovery plan has been developed, refined and repeatedly tested for more than five years to ensure its effectiveness. The plan incorporates the latest technological safeguards for the Firm’s multiple offices while addressing the specific requirements of individual departments.

For example, data backups to disk — all systems, all data — are performed daily for all offices, with duplicate data stored at the Seattle and Portland offices to enable quick and accurate recovery, if needed.

To make sure all information is protected against disaster or theft, Lane Powell requires that all client information be stored on the Firm’s secure network and not on individual hard-drives of either attorneys or other employees. This is especially important because of the Firm’s many business clients for whom Lane Powell maintains articles of incorporation, bylaws and related vital records, plus providing a guarantee that all client data is included in the daily backups.

Some other Lane Powell protections include:

  • All client records are password-protected to limit access, in addition to layers of network-security measures the Firm uses to protect client information.
  • Each department regularly prioritizes its critical functions and knows how to perform them should a disaster disable pertinent technology or other operational structures.
  • Attorneys all have personal data assistants (PDAs) with current Firm and client contact information related to business continuity. In addition, department managers all regularly update information related to the Firm’s vendors and suppliers critical to continuity.
  • The Firm maintains a supply of auxiliary laptop computers with wireless connectivity already enabled for access to the Firm’s network.

Lane Powell’s disaster recovery and business continuity plan does not sit idly on a shelf. In addition to frequently updating the plan, the Firm periodically conducts targeted “mini-disaster” tests — involving attorneys, staff personnel and top executives — to rectify any unforeseen problems or oversights.

Lane Powell is active in the 500-firm International Legal Technology Association, as well as ARMA International, to keep current on the ever-changing technical and strategic issues related to law firms, their records and their clients.