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Lane Powell Achieves Trial Victory for Lundberg LLC

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Lane Powell achieved a significant trial victory for client Lundberg LLC in A.H. Lundberg Associates, Inc. v. TSI Inc., case number 2:14-cv-01160, in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington. The case arose from allegations that Lundberg’s former business partner TSI stole confidential information and trade secrets to launch their own competing air pollution control equipment line. In September 2016, a jury awarded Lundberg $5.1 million in damages for trade secret misappropriation and breach of a non-disclosure agreement.

After the jury verdict, TSI urged Judge James Robart to overturn and dismiss the verdict, claiming that there is no evidence of legally protectable trade secrets. However, earlier this month, Judge Robart denied the motion for judgment and ordered TSI to pay $1 million in exemplary damages and approximately $1.2 million in attorneys’ fees on top of the initial verdict. Additionally, he granted Lundberg’s injunctive relief bid, ordering TSI to stop using Lundberg’s air pollution technology and to destroy all products and parts derived using Lundberg’s trade secrets.

“Lundberg is ‘more than happy’ with the post-trial orders, and the company plans to ‘vigorously’ pursue collection on the judgments,” says Randy Beighle, who led the Lane Powell team. He adds that “the judge’s ruling is a strong indication that he believed Lundberg had been wronged.”

Randy Beighle, Kristin Beneski, Brian Bodine and Tiffany Scott Connors represented Lundberg in the matter.