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Leadership Council for Legal Diversity Appoints 2017 Fellows and Pathfinders

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David Howenstine, Kristin Beneski and Ruth Johnson, have been appointed to the Leadership Council for Legal Diversity (LCLD) Fellows and Pathfinders program. David is the new Fellow, and Kristin and Ruth are the new Pathfinder appointees.

The Leadership Council for Legal Diversity is made up of more than 265 corporate chief legal officers and law firm managing partners, working to build a more open and diverse legal profession. According to past Fellow Jill Long, “The LCLD is easily the leading national organization working to increase diversity in the legal profession.  We are honored to be members and are so excited for three of our lawyers to participate in LCLD programming this year.”

The Fellows Program focuses on developing attorneys with strong leadership and relationship skills who are committed to fostering diversity within their individual institutions and the profession at large. During his or her Fellow year, each honoree embarks on a learning program that includes in-person conferences, training in the fine points of legal practice, peer-group projects to foster collaboration and build relationships, and extensive contact with LCLD’s top leadership, including the managing partners and general counsel who host the Fellows for Learning Experiences and Leadership Lunches. Each class of Fellows also serves as mentors to those who follow.

The Pathfinder Program is designed for high-potential, early career attorneys at LCLD member organizations. The goal of this program is to provide these “Pathfinders” with practical tools for developing and leveraging internal professional networks through relationship building skills, foundational leadership skills, and an understanding of career development strategies. The program consists of five components: in-person meetings, online experiential learning, compass conversations with LCLD Fellows and peer networking.

Lane Powell is proud of its history with LCLD. Since 2013, Lane Powell has participated in LCLD programs and has been recognized by LCLD as a ‘top member.’  Past participants in the Fellows Program include Julie Engbloom, 2016; William Lin, 2015; Jill Long, 2014; and Stephanie Stephens, 2013. In 2016, Carson Cooper and Cozette Tran-Caffee were participants in the Pathfinders Program.