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Cannabis Law Journal Republishes Lane Powell Articles

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The Cannabis Law Journal recently republished two Lane Powell articles in the second edition of the publication. The articles are “Cannabis Trademark Strategy in Jeopardy” by Greg Wesner and “Deciphering Smoke Signals — FDA’s New Tobacco Product Rules and Their Impact on the Cannabis Industry” by Mike Nesteroff, Tereza Simonyan and David Spellman.

Wesner’s article discusses the July 14 decision made by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Trademark Office that rejects a popular strategy for protecting cannabis-related marks at the federal level.

Nesteroff, Simonyan and Spellman’s article discusses the Federal Food and Drug Administration’s new rules defining “tobacco products” that went into effect on August 8 and how it could be a precursor for future regulation of cannabis products.

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