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Lane Powell Launches Cannabis Law Blog

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Lane Powell launched a new blog today called The Pipeline: Cannabis Law Advisor. The blog is a space where Lane Powell’s Cannabis Practice Group will feature articles and commentary about business, policy and legal issues that impact the marijuana industry, including the regulatory environment, banking, intellectual property and investing. In the pipeline are the trends of the emerging industry, important and interesting cases and regulatory developments, insights and analysis. The blog will also highlight legal resources, thought leaders and publications. The Pipeline: Cannabis Law Advisor already has four posts that discuss topics such as tax, financing, regulations and investing. See a snippet below and follow the blog at

High Stakes: Investing in a Legal Marijuana Business

Considering diversifying with a high-risk investment? Heard the lure of the “green rush” toward a possible $100 billion legal marijuana industry?

Before you write that check:

  • First, research the company, related persons, and the business, industry and legal risks.
  • Next, if you decide to make the leap, consider having legal counsel assist you in documenting your equity position.

Pressing escape or reboot can be difficult, after you have already signed documents. If you’re investing in a partnership or limited liability company, state law imposes default rules, unless you have an agreement modifying them. If the business — or you — fail to comply with the state’s rules on ownership and investors, the state regulator may impose penalties including cancellation or suspension of license and fines.

The Pipeline: Cannabis Law Advisor is Lane Powell’s seventh blog and was created as part of the Firm’s efforts to provide additional ways to keep current and potential clients up to date on key issues that specifically affect the marijuana industry.