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Navigating Environmental Regulations: Tips for Staying in Compliance

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Michael A. Nesteroff co-authored an article in Seattle Business magazine’s May 2016 issue titled “Navigating Environmental Regulations: Tips for Staying in Compliance.” In the article, Nesteroff and Nicoll discussed Washington state’s ever-changing regulatory environment and provided simple steps to help business owners stay compliant.

Identify Your Waste Streams. Every business generates waste, whether from an office building or a manufacturing facility. Be sure to review your local rules, since some jurisdictions mandate recycling. It is also critical to determine whether a waste is “dangerous” under WAC 173-303. This is more common than you think. Most businesses generate some type of dangerous waste, including adhesives, aerosol cans, paints, solvents, fertilizers and cleaners. You can start by taking a look at the materials you use and the wastes that remain. If you have products labeled “DANGER,” “FLAMMABLE,” “WARNING” or “POISON,” they may become a dangerous waste if discarded or mixed with other wastes. Electronic waste, such as batteries, mercury-containing equipment and light bulbs, are also regulated. If used oil, batteries and other wastes are recycled, they may be partially or fully exempt from the regulations.