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McMonies Interviewed by HFO-TV About Seismic Upgrades in Portland

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Lane Powell Of Counsel Walt McMonies was interviewed by HFO-TV’s Lee Fehrenbacher on Tuesday, October 20, for a segment titled “Seismic Retrofitting Portland’s Unreinforced Masonry Buildings.” In the interview, McMonies discussed the City of Portland’s plan to retrofit old brick buildings — a plan that appears to be headed for the City Council next spring. Seattle faces equal risks relating to their own unreinforced masonry buildings, and will be taking the same plan of action to their City Council in 2016. McMonies is a member of the Oregon State Seismic Safety Advisory Committee and the historic preservation group Restore Oregon.

What the typical building owner is going to face is the need to do this within probably twenty years, starting from scratch, with an upgrade that is very helpful to a building for its survival from an earthquake, but it doesn’t add much value to the building in terms of rentability to tenants, or anything like that — curb appeal.