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McMonies Interviewed by KGW Portland About Seismic Upgrades to Unreinforced Buildings

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Lane Powell Of Counsel Walt McMonies was recently interviewed in a Portland KGW News Channel 8 segment titled “Portland’s Old Buildings Pose Risk.” The segment discussed the old brick buildings in Portland, many of which are at risk of collapsing in a major earthquake. Little has been done to require building owners to retrofit or even warn residents that their buildings are not safe from earthquakes. Walt’s family owns Trinity Place Apartments in NW Portland, a 1911 brick apartment building that, as a unreinforced masonry construction, was at risk of substantial damage during a major subduction earthquake. However, McMonies has spent much of his own time and money retrofitting and performing seismic upgrades to decrease the risks of this building and to increase the likelihood its residents will be safe in the event of a major earthquake.

“You have a moral obligation to your tenants, so if you’re going to be renting to people, you probably need to do something.”