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Energy Efficient Buildings: It’s the Law (and a Good Idea Too)

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Lane Powell Shareholder ​​Bryan Powell authored an article in the June issue of Oregon Business magazine titled “Energy Efficient Buildings: It’s the Law (and a Good Idea Too).” In the article, Bryan discussed the growing demand for energy efficiency and sustainable operations in buildings and building products from end-users in the marketplace today. He also discussed the benefits associated with energy-efficient buildings and building practices as experienced by real estate owners, investors, tenants and users. In addition to market demand, new state, federal, and local laws and regulations continue to be enacted requiring greater energy efficiency in buildings.

Nearly every state in the country now has energy efficiency requirements for state-owned or publicly-funded buildings that go way beyond current energy codes. Specific energy saving requirements must now satisfy efficiency standards promoted by groups such as the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for new and renovated facilities. …

… By embracing energy efficient systems, real estate owners, investors, tenants and users can reduce operating expenses, increase asset value, and enhance the comfort and user experience of building occupants.