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C. Davis Quoted in Business Wire Article Regarding Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Supreme Court Case

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Lane Powell Shareholder Claire Davis was quoted in an April 29 Business Wire article titled “Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Takes ‘Whale Wars’ to Supreme Court: Expansive Interpretation of Alien Tort Statute Endangers US Businesses, Sea Shepherd Argues.” The article discussed the petition that Lane Powell filed on behalf of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on Tuesday, April 28, asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review an appellate decision holding it in contempt of court based on the activities of foreign groups that opposed illegal Japanese whale hunts. The Supreme Court petition was filed as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society v. The Institute of Cetacean Research et al. and Davis serves as lead counsel in the matter.

“Any business that operates internationally should be alarmed by the ruling at issue here,” said Claire Davis, a partner with Lane Powell, the law firm representing Sea Shepherd at the Supreme Court. “This case isn’t specific to whaling, but instead raises fundamental questions about how aggressively U.S. courts can interfere in the foreign affairs of U.S. businesses.”

Davis was also quoted in an April 29 Portland Business Journal article titled “Oregon Anti-whaling Group Looks to Take Case to Supreme Court” regarding the matter. She was also interviewed by Oregon Public Broadcasting in a segment titled “Oregon Anti-whaling Charity Appeals to US Supreme Court.”