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Lindquist Appointed as American Bar Association Business Law Section Advisor to ULC Drafting Committee

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Lane Powell Shareholder Malcolm Lindquist has been appointed as American Bar Association (ABA) Business Law Section Advisor to a drafting committee of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. The committee is charged with drafting amendments to the Model Tribal Secured Transaction Act.

The National Conference of Commissions on Uniform State Laws (Uniform Law Commission, “ULC,” formerly referred to as “NCCUSL”) was organized in 1892 as a service to state government from within and by the legal profession. From its inception, its main purpose has been to examine private law in the U.S. and to draft legislation for the states in every subject area in which uniformity of private law is desirable and practicable. The Uniform Acts like the Uniform Commercial Code are a component of ULC’s contribution to the law.

Lindquist’s appointment was made by the chair of the ABA Business Law Section. As a Section Advisor, Lindquist will represent the interests of the section on the drafting committee and have the responsibility of reporting to the Chair of his section on the results of each drafting committee meeting and on the progress of the amendments.