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A Prescription for Large Development Projects in 2015: Perseverance!

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Lane Powell Shareholder Jill Long authored an article in the February issue of Oregon Business magazine titled “A Prescription for Large Development Projects in 2015: Perseverance!” In the article, Long discussed the hardships faced when undertaking large real estate development projects. There are several complicated issues that may cause delays or difficulties for all parties involved. However, Long points out the importance of persevering and remembering the end result, which is a contribution to the community.

In the 15 years I have been working on large development projects, I have come to believe that more than anything else, perseverance is the name of the game. In looking to the future, perseverance will most likely be the deciding factor on many projects and will determine if a project makes it. Looking back on 2014, it seems that some of the most trying and difficult projects came to a successful conclusion because someone on the team just wouldn’t give up. They hung on like a dog to an old ratty rope — focused on staying in the game above all else. It didn’t matter at the end what the rope looked like, so long as that dog still had it.