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Q&A with E-Discovery and Data Protection Expert Darin Sands

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Lane Powell Shareholder Darin Sands participated in a Q&A published on Recommind’s Mind Over Matters blog titled “Q&A with E-Discovery and Data Protection Expert Darin Sands” on December 2. During the Q&A, Sands answered questions related to the issues that companies and organizations face when managing client data and maintaining data security on mobile platforms. He also discussed the challenges and benefits of moving data to a cloud-based system.

Anytime you move data into the hands of third parties, whether it is a cloud vendor or an employee, you have to think hard about the unique risks that move entails. Nevertheless, the move to the cloud is likely inevitable. Many of the more sophisticated cloud providers have the scale, resources, and experience to provide data security and information governance/e-discovery support that are difficult to replicate internally for many clients.