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The Truth About Mobile Intellectual Property Protection: Debunking Common Misconceptions

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Lane Powell shareholder Greg Wesner recently authored an article titled “The Truth About Mobile Intellectual Property Protection: Debunking Common Misconceptions.” In the article, Wesner discussed the rapidly evolving mobile marketplace and how intellectual property plays an important role in this “mobile arms race,” from both the buyer’s and vendor’s perspective.

Mobile is the platform of the smart future.
As mobile device and network capabilities expand and reach broader audiences, ubiquitous network connectivity and depth of mobile data penetration will solidify the position of “smart” devices and services as essential components of an increasingly mobile economy.

The evolving mobile marketplace is volatile, with intellectual property (IP) taking an increasingly prominent role. As a result, the field is riddled with potential pitfalls for the unwary. A comprehensive business strategy based on clear understanding of basic IP principles is essential to navigate this newly challenging and lucrative landscape.

Read the article (PDF).