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Do Will-Drafting Programs Fit Your Needs?

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Lane Powell Shareholder Heidi Orr authored an April 25 Puget Sound Business Journal article titled “Do Will-Drafting Programs Fit Your Needs?” In the article, Orr discussed the complexities of estate planning. She also provided an overview of will-drafting programs, which included the benefits and pitfalls of such programs.

Some good, basic wills: Some programs produce effective documents for consumers wishing to create a basic will. These programs provide several useful options that allow consumers to express their feelings about specific end-of-life issues and their wishes with respect to the disposition of their assets. For example, in addition to making specific bequests of property to loved ones, some online programs allow consumers to choose how to leave assets to their spouse or children and in what percentages or shares. Several programs also provide guidance with respect to leaving assets to minor children and allow consumers to choose how trusts for minor children should be structured.

Read the article (PDF).