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Lane Powell Receives Dismissal and Default Sanctions for Spokane Rock in Discovery Suit

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On April 15, Judge Spector of King County Superior Court issued a sanction order in the Prium Companies v. Spokane Rock matter. Lane Powell represents Spokane Rock, and has been engaged in a two-year discovery battle, spanning several state and federal court proceedings across Washington. In June 2013, we obtained a sanction order against the plaintiff and counterclaim defendants, including monetary sanctions of just over $185,000 and appointment of an independent auditor. The plaintiff and counterclaim defendants responded by escalating the litigation and refusing to pay.

The recently issued order awards our client (in addition to prior sanctions) dismissal of the plaintiff’s claims, default judgment on our claims for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty, reserving only the issues of how much in damages and how much in additional monetary sanctions for trial. The order also awarded approximately $27,000 in monetary sanctions against opposing counsel and imposed a sanction whereby the plaintiff and counterclaim defendants and all affiliated entities must file a copy of the order in any new legal proceedings for the next five years.

Our team includes Lane Powell attorneys Chuck Ekberg, Laura Marquez-Garrett and Tereza Simonyan, as well as several others in the Firm, including but not limited to Michelle Peterson, Gretchen Hoog, Jessica Hoerschelmann, Julia Abelev and Maggie Grega.