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Hosenpud Interviewed in Portland Business Journal Regarding Portland’s New Paid Sick Leave

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Lane Powell Shareholder David Hosenpud was featured in a Portland Business Journal article on January 2 titled “Whether You Support It or Not, Paid Sick Leave Has Arrived.” Portland’s paid sick leave ordinance went into effect on January 1 and applies to all private-sector employers with at least six employees. Companies with less than six employees must still provide protected sick leave up to 40 hours per year, but aren’t required to pay employees for the time off. The new ordinance also requires employers to have a mechanism in place for employees to notify managers when they are ill.  Hosenpud offered his advice on how Portland-based companies can stay compliant with the new requirements.

“That could be a designated phone number or email, but the goal is for communication to remain open so it’s fair to both the employer and the employees,” said David G. Hosenpud, a shareholder at Lane Powell and a member of the firm’s Labor and Employment group. “It also keeps everybody aware of what’s going on so that no one goes to a place where they might be suspicious.” …

… “If you have a suspicion that an employee might be having ‘weekend sickness,’ you can under the ordinance (confirm) that the leave was needed, but you have to pay for it so that it doesn’t create an additional burden on the employee.”

Overall, Hosenpud believes abuse will be rare because most employees will appreciate the paid sick leave benefit and understand that abuse not only could harm that individual but their coworkers as well.