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Sands Quoted in the Media About Case Involving School’s Social Media Policies

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Lane Powell Shareholder Darin Sands was quoted in the media regarding a pro bono case the Lane Powell is handling with the American Civil Liberties Union (“ACLU”) of Oregon, regarding a high school dance team’s social media policies and its potential to stifle free speech. Firm clients, Marissa Harper, a junior at Scappoose High School, and her mom, Alicia Harper, are asking a federal judge to prohibit the Scappoose School District superintendent, high school principal and dance team coach from enforcing these new policies, which they believe violate their free speech and due process rights under the U.S. Constitution. Marissa Harper was denied the opportunity to try out and participate on the dance team because she and her mother refused to sign the policies at issue. Darin was interviewed regarding the dance team’s new policies in a December 18 article in The Oregonian titled “Dance Team Rules Stifle Free Speech, Suit Says.”

“This is just an overly broad, vague speech policy that’s meant to take jurisdiction over every aspect of a student’s communication on social media and in person,” said Darin Sands, an attorney with Lane Powell who is pressing the case on behalf of the Harpers and the American Civil Liberties Union’s Oregon office. The lawsuit seeks to establish some boundaries limiting the school’s reach so “students can have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their personal lives.”

Darin was also interviewed in a KOIN Channel 6 newscast on December 18, and an Oregon Public Broadcasting radio show on December 20. Darin is working on the case with Lane Powell attorneys Anthony Stark and Whitney Button.