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Compass: Anchorage International Airport Planning Gets Much Better With Community Involvement

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Lane Powell Counsel to the Firm Matt Claman authored a December 11 Alaska Daily News article titled “Compass: Airport Planning Gets Much Better With Community Involvement.” In the article, Claman discussed the final future development plan for the Anchorage International Airport, which was presented to the public on December 11. The development of the plan included establishing a communications committee with the goal of improving communications between the airport and the community. The full report will be published in early 2014 following public comment.

The airport’s last work on a master plan began in 2006, but it never completed the project. With air traffic reaching an all-time high in 2007, the initial proposal included a new north-south runway. People in the community objected because of impact on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, questioned the necessity for another runway, and complained about the public process that led to the new runway proposal. Passenger and cargo air carriers criticized the projection of air traffic growth and expressed concern about the expense to build another runway without substantial traffic growth. The air carriers believed the new runway was not yet necessary.