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Recent Amendments to the Washington Trust Act and What They Mean for You (Seattle)

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Please join Lane Powell’s Trust and Estates Practice Group on Thursday, June 20, from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m., for our second (almost) annual seminar, taking a serious look at the recent changes to the Washington Trust Act. As we did when the Act was first adopted, we will address how these newest amendments impact estate planning strategies, the administration of existing trusts, the duties of trustees and the rights of beneficiaries. We will also discuss: (1) other legislation that may be introduced next year; (2) the Washington State Supreme Court’s recent decision in Bracken; and (3) proposed legislation intended to negate the Bracken decision. After our one-hour presentation, you are invited to join us for libations and less serious conversation.

Four Seasons Seattle
99 Union Street, Suite 1101
Seattle, WA
Please click here for directions.
(Please note that parking will be at your own expense.)

Questions? Contact:
Geneva Granatstein

This is an exclusive invitation and is not transferable.