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Hold Your Nose and Vote ‘Yes’ for State Transportation Bonds

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Lane Powell Counsel to the Firm Matt Claman authored a November 5 Alaska Dispatch article titled “Hold Your Nose and Vote ‘Yes’ for State Transportation Bonds.” In the article, Claman identified the benefits and one major weakness of Alaska Bond Proposition A, which over 56 percent of the voters approved in the November 6 election.

Bond Proposition A asks voters to approve $453 million in general obligation bonds for transportation projects across our state. The biggest project on the list is a $50-million Port of Anchorage expansion that has been dogged by poor management, a potentially flawed design and unanswered questions. The veil of secrecy that now pervades this project has no place in open, democratic government. If Proposition A only asked to fund the Port of Anchorage, voters should reject the proposition. We should support this innovative proposition because the remaining projects — 89 percent of the funding — do not share the troubles of the Port.