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Patenting Enhanced Taste and Food Processing: Some Engaging Current Developments

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Patenting food processing and flavor-enhancing techniques is a cutting-edge legal endeavor. We will address some fascinating new developments in food processing technology and patent litigation.

Today’s patent law market basket is filled with two patentable innovations: 1) an edible biofilm to address and prevent the problem of cherry cracking, and 2) an acoustic sound technique designed to enhance the taste of food. On the patent litigation front, a sizable plaintiff’s jury verdict in roiling litigation over patented egg pasteurization techniques shows that infringing food processing patents can lead to expensive life lessons.

To find out more about the below patent issues currently under review by the courts, view full detail at Lane Powell’s new blog ”Earth and Table” Law Reporter.

‘SureSeal’ Biofilm and Harvesting the Perfect Cherry

Pacific Northwest rains are both a boon and a curse for cherry growers. Rain-induced cherry cracking is a perennial problem. …

Acoustic Sound and Taste Alchemy

One of the more mysterious patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in June 2012 is entitled “Acoustically-Treated Food and Method for Flavor Enhancement.” …

The Jury Verdict is in: The Pasteurized Egg Processing Litigation

Pasteurizing eggs in their shells is a complex process because the goal is to not alter the consistency of the egg yolk and egg whites during the pasteurization process. …