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Old Model: Patents Protect Products. New Model: Patents Themselves Are Products

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Lane Powell Shareholder Alan Minsk authored a June 1 article titled “Old Model: Patents Protect Products. New Model: Patents Themselves Are Products” in Forbes magazine’s online CIO Central, which is a contributor page dedicated to IT trends and issues that impact business strategy. Areas of coverage include software, hardware, computing and outsourcing. In the article, Minsk discussed the shifting perceptions of patents in business.

Patents have become big business. Patent suits make news almost every day. There’s been a pick up in the market for corporate patent portfolios. And in contrast to the past when many of the significant purchases were being made by investors, strategic buyers are now more actively involved. Examples include Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility, Microsoft’s $1 billion deal for a group of AOL [2] patents and Facebook repurchase of some of those patents from Microsoft.

These events reflect the changing role of patents in business; or more specifically, shifting perceptions of patent valuations. During my 20 years as a patent attorney and patent portfolio strategist, I have noticed marked changes in how patents are perceived and used.

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