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Design Professionals Win Big in Revised Anti-Indemnity Statute

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Lane Powell Shareholders Stan Beck and Grant Degginger authored an article in the April 5 issue of Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce titled “Design Professionals Win Big in Revised Anti-Indemnity Statute.” In the article, Degginger and Beck discussed SHB 1559, which Gov. Christine Gregoire recently signed into law, and consequently clarifies the scope of the “anti-indemnity statute.” Lane Powell served as chief outside counsel for drafting the bill.

On March 30, Gov. Chris Gregoire signed into law SHB 1559, which clarifies the scope of the so-called “anti-indemnity statute” and now specifically includes design professionals within its coverage.

The statute voids any indemnity provision in a construction contract that requires one party to indemnify the other party for his or her negligence. Numerous associations representing the design professional community raised three major points of concern regarding the previous version of the statute, which the Legislature addressed: …

Read the article (PDF).