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Five Former Anchorage Mayors Back Gay Rights Initiative

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Lane Powell Counsel to the Firm and former Anchorage Mayor Matt Claman was quoted in a February 4 Anchorage Daily News article titled “Five Former Anchorage Mayors Back Gay Rights Initiative,” which is about the former mayors endorsing the Anchorage Equal Rights Initiative that would expand municipal code to prohibit discrimination on a basis of sexual orientation or transgender identity. The initiative will be voted on by Anchorage residents on April 3.

Former Anchorage mayors Matt Claman, Jack Roderick, Rick Mystrom and Tony Knowles (Mark Begich was en route from Washington, DC) talk before the start of a press conference. All spoke in support of the One Anchorage initiative to extend legal protections to gay and transgendered people on Friday, February 3, 2012.

Read the article.