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Women Still Earn Less Than Men — Wage Disparities Based on Gender Challenged Under the Equal Pay Act

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Lane Powell Shareholder Katheryn Bradley was quoted in a Society for Human Resource Management online article titled “Women Still Earn Less Than Men.” The article discusses wage disparities based on gender, which may be challenged under the Equal Pay Act. Bradley comments on employers completing pay audits with the help of legal counsel.

“Before an employer conducts a pay audit to determine if unlawful pay disparities exist, it should consult with competent legal counsel to make sure that the audit is covered by the attorney-client privilege,” said Katheryn Bradley, an attorney with Lane Powell PC in Seattle. “It may be easier to protect the privileged nature of the audit by using outside counsel, rather than in-house counsel, whose role may also include serving as a business adviser. An employer may be able to conduct a pay audit through its existing HR department, but many employers hire compensation consultants who work with retained counsel. Based on the results of the audit, an employer may correct pay disparities that cannot be justified on the basis of factors other than gender.”