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Horowitz Quoted in Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce’s ‘BrieflyLegalPDX’ About Family Friendly Employee Leave Policies

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Lane Powell President Lewis Horowitz was quoted in the Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce’s October 20 “BrieflyLegalPDX” newsletter in an article titled “Family Friendly Policies Rely on Flexibility.” The article discussed the growing importance of flexible work schedules for adoptive parents and employees caring for elderly parents as well as traditional maternity and paternity leave.

Lewis Horowitz, president and chief executive officer of Lane Powell, says his firm’s policies center around a basic objective — trying to accommodate an employee’s needs first and foremost.

‘It makes it possible for people to remain involved in the workforce,’ he says. ‘They maintain their client continuity. It’s good for them, and it’s good for us,’ he says.

As the firm’s management expanded employee leave policies and flexible work schedules, they were pleased to find there was little, if any, abuse of the policies. However, Horowitz cautions, flexible work schedules and leave arrangements don’t necessarily work for everyone.

‘Sometimes work-life balance requires a 100 percent focus on life, especially when it comes to medical issues for employees and their families,’ he says. ‘It’s more a question of being flexible enough to develop a response appropriate for a particular individual’s need and the firm’s need.’