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Lane Powell Client Named as ASI ‘2011 Person of the Year’

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Lane Powell client Marty Lott, the founder and president of SanMar, has been named as the ASI Counselor Award’s “2011 Person of the Year” by the Advertising Specialty Institute (“ASI”).

Lane Powell attorneys have been representing SanMar and Marty Lott’s family for 15 years. SanMar is a family-owned business, and his sons, Jeremy and Jordan, are key executives who have adopted Marty’s incredible work ethic. An article featuring Marty was published on the ASI website to honor him for the award. The Counselor Awards are presented annually to honor the best and brightest talent the advertising industry has to offer. According to the article:

He shuns titles and the spotlight, has a fanatical approach to customer service and a legion of devoted employees and clients. Meet the head of one of the industry’s most respected companies, as he guides it through a period of rising apparel costs and inventory shortages. …

The Company’s employees are among the most highly-skilled and well-trained in the industry, and — as any of them will gleefully tell you — they absolutely love their jobs.