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Mann Quoted in Portland Business Journal Regarding Investors’ Lawsuits Against U.S. Gold and Silver Investments Inc.

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Lane Powell Shareholder Carter Mann was quoted in the March 18 issue of Portland Business Journal in an article titled “Irate Investors File Suits Against U.S. Gold.” The article discusses the recent chain of lawsuits from investors, including the estate of Oregon entrepreneur Tom Holce, against U.S. Gold and Silver Investments Inc. (“U.S. Gold”) after it closed its doors. Each lawsuit alleges that investors paid for gold and silver that was never delivered. Mann is representing Tom Holce’s estate. According to the lawsuit, U.S. Gold has failed to deliver silver coins belonging to Holce’s estate, with a value of more than $200,000. Mann stated that:

Apparently, Heim [U.S. Gold’s President] or somebody convinced him [Holce] to leave it at U.S. Gold and not bring it home with him. You’d have a really hard time even getting that much stuff into your car unless you had a huge truck … It was a good investment if the coins ever existed.