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Lane Powell Client Yellow Cab Provides Passenger Pick-up Service at Sea-Tac After Winning Bid Protest

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On November 1, Yellow Cab (Puget Sound Dispatch) began picking up passengers at the airport. Yellow Cab signed the new five-year concession after a six-month legal battle with STITA, a not-for-profit cooperative of owner-operated taxis. STITA held the exclusive concession for the past 20 years. Earlier in February, STITA and Farwest filed suits to prevent the Port of Seattle and Yellow Cab from signing the new contract. STITA also pursued an extensive media campaign. In defeating STITA’s preliminary injunction motion, Lane Powell Shareholder Ron Beard argued that STITA had gambled and lost its right to challenge the award of the contract when STITA failed to comply with the protest requirements. STITA immediately appealed the trial court ruling. On appeal, Lane Powell Shareholder David Spellman argued that the court should adopt a waiver standard used by other courts. In June, the Washington State Court of Appeals ruled that STITA had waived its claims, the claims failed on the merits, and affirmed the denial of the preliminary injunction motion. On August 5, the Washington Supreme Court granted Yellow Cab’s motion to dissolve a stay and the contract was signed the next day. Next, STITA and Farwest brought new claims to block temporarily the performance of the contract. On October 29, the trial court denied those claims and refused to hear a TRO motion filed by STITA. The court has ordered STITA to pay the Port’s damages for delaying the signing of the contract. A trial is scheduled in August on the remaining claims. Lane Powell has represented Yellow Cab and its affiliates for years.

The Lane Powell team for this case included those named above, along with Andrew Gabel and Jennifer Beyerlein.