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Pro Bono Case Featured in JTNews

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An article in JTNews: the Voice of Jewish Washington covered a recent Lane Powell pro bono victory. 77-year-old Holocaust survivor Heinz Schwarz suffered a heart attack the day before he was to sign his will naming eight charities, and others, as his beneficiaries. Because he died without a will or heirs, his assets were at risk of escheating to the State of Washington. Lane Powell represented Jewish Family Service and argued the case on behalf of all the charities. The court ruled in favor of sustaining the gifts.

“Our position was that the assets had been moved out of his estate, into a trust whose beneficiaries were individuals identified in his will, and that that had been accomplished before he died,” explained Lane Powell’s Gail Mautner, one of the lawyers that represented the organizations Schwarz had indicated he wanted to leave his money to.

The article was published on December 21, 2007.