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Tiny Venture, Big Success

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Lane Powell and client Tiny Heirloom are featured in the May issue of Oregon Business magazine, in an article titled “Tiny Venture, Big Success.” In 2014, Tiny Heirloom’s founders Jason and Zachary Francis took note of the tiny home trend in the Pacific Northwest and set out on a venture focused on creating small dwellings made with high-end materials and luxury design details. Tiny Heirloom attained quick success after images of their first home, “The Genesis,” went viral. So much so, that the Francis family now stars in an HGTV reality show, Tiny Luxury. Tiny Heirloom turned to Lane Powell to assist with a variety of legal topics, from employment needs such as employee handbook development and strategic HR to contracts to television show negotiations.

Every legal decision Lane Powell helps Tiny Heirloom make must be square away with the family’s ethos of prioritizing relationships, notes Lane Powell Employment Attorney Will Weiner: “Their value system is aligned with treating employees like family as well rather than like cogs in the system.”

Helping a hungry, family-run startup spread its wings entails challenge and reward in equal measure, says Lane Powell Business Attorney Lisa Poplawski: “Tiny Heirloom is a young company both in the sense that it is relatively new, but also in the literal sense that the people who run it are young themselves. They bring an enthusiasm and an energy to addressing and tackling legal issues.”