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American Institute of Architects Releases 2017 Contract Documents

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Lane Powell strives to help our clients stay ahead of the curve on all matters concerning construction law. This is a quick note to let you know that the American Institute of Architects (AIA) released its 2017 Construction Contract Documents today. The AIA issues updates to this core set of documents every 10 years — the updated list is below.

 Document  Number  Document Name
 A101™-2017  Owner-Contractor Agreement – Stipulated Sum (+ Insurance Exhibit)
 A102™-2017  Owner/Contractor Agreement – Cost Plus Fee with GMP (+ Insurance Exhibit)
 A103™-2017  Owner/Contractor Agreement – Cost Plus Fee No GMP (+ Insurance Exhibit)
 A104™-2017  Abbreviated Owner/Contractor Agreement (+ Cost of Work Exhibit)
 A105™-2017  Short Form Owner/Contractor Agreement
 A201™-2017  General Conditions of Contract for Construction
 A401™-2017  Contractor/Subcontractor Agreement
 B101™-2017  Owner/Architect Agreement
 B102™-2017  Owner/Architect Agreement – No Predefined Scope Architect’s Services
 B103™-2017  Owner/Architect Agreement – Complex Project
 B104™-2017  Abbreviated Owner/Architect Agreement
 B105™-2017  Short Form Owner/Architect Agreement
 C401™-2017  Architect/Consultant Agreement
 E204™-2017  Sustainable Projects Exhibit

Construction Documents Drive the Project | Businesses should consider consulting legal counsel for assistance in interpreting and tailoring the 2017 AIA Contract Documents for their upcoming construction projects.

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