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Lean Six Sigma: It’s Not Just for Manufacturing

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Lane Powell Counsel to the Firm Priya Cloutier authored an article in Seattle Business magazine’s September 2014 issue titled “Lean Six Sigma: It’s Not Just for Manufacturing.” In the article, Cloutier discussed Six Sigma, a process developed by Motorola that produces only 3.4 defective parts per million and has come to symbolize any system that strives for and achieves near perfection. She also discussed how Lean Six Sigma can be used in the patent application and prosecution process to produce improvements in cost and efficiency without reducing the quality of issued patents.

Six Sigma focuses on process, quality and the elimination of variations and defects from products and services. Lean is a comprehensive strategy for eliminating waste and increasing the flow of products and services, separating “value adding” from “non-value adding” work by using well-known business and process-management tools. Lean Six Sigma combines these related strategies to deliver quality and efficiency. Lean Six Sigma also offers a broad set of tools to approach and resolve problems through a campaign of review and improvement. And it’s not just for manufacturing.

Read the article (PDF).