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Woodland Park Zoo Elephant Task Force Final Report Released

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In April 2013, Lane Powell Shareholder Grant Degginger was appointed by the board of the Woodland Park Zoo Society to the Elephant Task Force, a panel of community leaders assigned to evaluate the zoo’s elephant program and exhibit, the health and care of its three elephants, and the value of the zoo’s program to its conservation objectives. On October 22, the task force released its final report and recommendations for the Elephant Exhibit and Program. The task force presented two options: the first was to create a multi-generational herd with an effective breeding program; the second was to improve the existing exhibit but to have all of the current elephants age out or retire at the appropriate time. A majority of the task force preferred the first option. The final decision will ultimately be made by the zoo board.

View the task force’s full report. also published information on the report in an October 22 article titled “Report on Woodland Park Zoo Elephants Released.”